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Do You Know What Is the Difference between PCB and FPC?

Feb. 08, 2021

China's electronics industry chain is becoming more and more complete, large scale, strong supporting capacity, and the PCB industry in the entire electronics industry chain to play a key role in the top and bottom.

PCB as the key components of electronic products are used in almost all electronic products, is the indispensable electronic components of modern electronic information products, known as the "mother of electronic products".

PCB manufacturing quality not only directly affects the reliability of electronic products, but also affects the integrity of the signal transmission between the chip and the chip, the level of development of its industry can, to a certain extent, reflect the development speed of a country or region's electronic information industry, then you know what is the difference between PCB and FPC? The next PCB supplier will explain the difference between PCB and FPC for you.

PCB is the so-called printed circuit board, which is usually called hard board. The PCB is generally made of FR4 substrate, also called hard board, which cannot be bent or flexed, and is generally used in places that do not require bending and have relatively hard strength, such as computer motherboards and cell phone motherboards.


And FPC, in fact, belongs to a kind of PCB, but there is a big difference with the traditional printed circuit board. FPC generally use PI as the substrate, is a flexible material, can be arbitrarily bent, flex. FPC generally operate in the need to repeat the flex and some small parts of the link, but now it is not just that, the current smart phone is trying to bend to prevent, which requires the use of FPC this key technology.


In fact, the FPC is not only a circuit board can be flexed, but it is also an important design method to link into a three-dimensional circuit structure, this structure with other electronic product design, you can build a variety of different applications, so from this point of view, the FPC and PCB is very different.


For PCBs, unless the circuitry is made in a three-dimensional form by means of film-filled adhesive, the board is generally flat. Therefore, to make full use of three-dimensional space, FPC is a good solution. In terms of hard boards, the current common space extension program is to use the slot plus the interface card, but FPC as long as the adapter design can be made similar structure, and in the direction of the design is also more flexible. Using a connecting FPC, two hard boards can be connected to form a set of parallel line system, and can also be turned into any angle to adapt to different product shapes and designs.


FPC can of course use terminal connection method for line connection, but also can use soft and hard board to avoid these connection mechanism, a single FPC can use the layout to configure a lot of hard board and connect it. This approach has fewer connectors and terminal interference, which can improve signal quality and product reliability.


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