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Rogers PCB Vs Fr4 PCB

Apr. 19, 2021

Rogers PCBs are available in different combination of material, which may be the different composition of laminated materials that are composed of woven glass-reinforced epoxy laminates, cross piled woven glass-reinforced laminates and PTFE ceramic laminates.

Thermoset Thermally & Electrically Conductive Adhesive (TECA) Film, Ceramic PTFE Bond ply, and Hydrocarbon are also used as bonding materials.

Why Rogers PCB material?

There are several reasons which gave the priority to roger material over other material and shows why Rogers PCBs are to be chose among other alternative. The reason behind it is That it shows best result in challenging environment, its quality and its use. Although rogers PCBs material have high prices as compared to others, but it can perform best at worse condition and have a lot of more advantages. As FR-4 material can provides the elementary standard for PCB substrates, keeping most effective stability between cost, durability, performance, production, as well as electrical properties. However, as performance and electrical properties have an important role in the designs, some feature of Rogers materials is given bellow which shows its importance over other material:


Low electrical signal losses

Cost-Effective PCB fabrication

Low dielectric loss

have high ability to thermal management

The range of dielectric constant is wide and the DK values is in between 2.55-10.

For space applications the outgassing is low

It Improve impedance control

The difference between FR-4 material and Rogers material

The main difference between Rogers PCB and ordinary PCBs is their use, ordinary PCBs are limited for certain range of frequencies which is less than that of Rogers material. Rogers PCBs are mostly used in high frequencies applications purpose above 500 Mhz, while ordinary PCBs cannot be applicable to use them while if you are dealing with application using high frequencies.

Rogers PCB

 Rogers PCB

The ideal PCB material should have the characteristics of zero moisture absorption when it is placed in liquid. Most of substance offer absorption value of in-between 0.01 percent and 0.20 percent. Absorption percentage has direct relation with thermal and electrical properties of the material Higher the absorption percentage, higher will be the influence on the thermal and electrical properties of material and will reduce performance and efficiency.


In comparison with ordinary PCBs Rogers PCBs have least absorption, thus Rogers PCBs are applicable to be used in difficult conditions and unstable environment. For example, Rogers PCBs can be used in aerospace and defense systems. While the other standard PCBs are more proper for low exhaust areas and uses such as standard switchboards.

Rogers and standard PCBs are also different in terms of the prices. Rogers is more expensive, considering their high quality. Rogers PCBs are expensive than other PCBs in cost while in performance Rogers material is best choice. The variation in price is due to quality and material used in it. The industry that the PCB targets is also a determinant of the cost.


Rogers PCB material are higher in price as compared to FR4 material.

Rogers material are the best performer when operating frequencies is high as compared to FR4 material.

The dissipation factor DF of Rogers material is less so it has low electrical signal losses than that of FR4 material.

Rogers material has a wide range of dielectric constant DK typically between 2.5 to 11 which increase its impedance stability while FR4 material has value of 4.5.

Rogers material has a wide range of dielectric constant DK typically values between 2.5 to 11 while for FR-4 yield a Dk of about 4.5.

Roger material shows less variation In thermal management than FR4 material.


If you are using PCB in space technology, mobile networking, microwave application then Rogers PCBs will give outstanding performance over any other PCBs. As rogers PCBs price is high compared to other PCBS but the improved performance and the extra abilities make it cheaper than others. Thus Rogers PCBs can be preferred over any other PCBs. Extensive businesses and organization in several industries give preference to Rogers PCBs because of it high performance and reliability. 

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