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Why choose Nelco PCB?

Jan. 13, 2021

PCB (Printed Circuit Board), the Chinese name for the printed circuit board, is the carrier of electronic components line connection, almost all electronic devices need to use PCB, and therefore is called the cornerstone of the electronics industry.

PCB industry chain is long, in simple terms, is basically in accordance with the raw materials - laminates - PCB - product applications to conduction, conduction vein is clear. PCB upstream mainly for copper foil, laminates, glass fiber cloth, resin, ink and other raw materials, downstream including computers and peripherals, network communications, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial, medical, semiconductor packaging, aerospace and military business and many other fields. The downstream includes computer and peripheral, network communication, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial, medical, semiconductor packaging, aerospace and military business, etc.

From 1978 to 1998, due to the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology, China's PCB industry developed rapidly, and since 2006, China has surpassed Japan as the world's largest and fastest-growing PCB production base. At present, the trend of industry transfer to mainland China has been set, and in 2017, the mainland PCB output accounted for more than 50% of the global value, the mainland has become the main driving force for the development of the global PCB industry.

Nelco PCB

Advantages of Nelco PCB

1.Nelco PCB material-excellent thermal and mechanical properties.

2.All Nelco electronic materials comply with RoHS requirements.

3.Our printed circuit board materials have high thermal reliability and CAF resistance, enabling lead-free assembly. compatibility

4.A reliable source.

The types of materials available include:

FR4 material, high Tg and high speed epoxy laminate and prepreg

Advanced circuit materials such as BT, polyimide and cyanate ester

Designed for high-level PCB and high-speed digital applications and lead-free assembly

High speed/low loss and fine line multilayer


Communication and web server

Wireless phones and infrastructure

Automobile industry

Why did we choose Nelco PCB?

SAILING TECHNOLOGY LTD.is an advanced PCB design and  PCB manufacturer. Our products have passed the test of the market and users, and have obtained very good results. Our technology is also the most advanced technology in China, and the PCB circuit boards that can be produced from 2 to 50 layers Both can be done well.

Why we choose Nelco PCB, because Nelco PCB can meet the production of multi-layer PCB, and our multi-layer PCB circuit board can achieve up to 50 layers, which is our advantage, if you need to use Nelco PCB to make PCB circuit boards in large quantities , Please contact us, this is exactly what we want to do!

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