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Why Is Ceramic PCB Better than Other Boards?

Aug. 21, 2020

It can be seen that the reasons why ceramic PCB is so popular are as follows:

High thermal expansion

One reason why ceramic PCB is widely used in the electronics industry is that they have a high coefficient of thermal expansion. The thermal conductivity of the ceramic base is quite close to that of silicon, but under most commonly used connection metals. Needless to say, it can play the role of a great isolator for a long time. Therefore, ceramic PCBs still have good thermal conductivity at high temperatures and can be used in a variety of devices.


Due to the stable dielectric properties of ceramics, the balance can be converted into limited radio frequency loss, thereby increasing the applicability of electronic devices. More importantly, despite the toughness of the ceramic surface, ceramics have natural resistance to most chemicals due to ceramic-based PCBs. Therefore, chemical resistance will be transformed into resistance to daily moisture, solvents and consumables.

Ceramic PCB


No wonder the combination of metal core PCB can achieve many high melting point applications. The precious metal paste can become a highly stable conductor due to the sintering process. Therefore, the use of ceramic printed circuit boards will undoubtedly have an impact on high processing temperatures, and different operating temperatures have different devices. Interestingly, it also allows good thermal conductivity and heat distribution to different locations of the device.


As you know, ceramic printed circuit boards have a durability during the manufacturing process. Because of the basic characteristics of ceramics, especially toughness, you can guarantee to prevent your board from daily wear. Since the ceramic PCB has a relatively slow aging performance, consistent with the consistency of the base PCB, it can be replaced quickly without worrying about replacement. More importantly, it has a high thermal resistance, because it can be transformed into a slow decomposition process, thereby extending the service life.


Finally, one of the outstanding advantages of ceramic PCBs is the use of metal cores in engineering. It can become a rigid carrier to provide mechanical rigidity and make it easy to use between fluids and solids. Because of its good roughness and wear resistance, it can be used in various industrial situations.

The above information is provided by PCB supplier.

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