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Why Use Printed Circuit Boards?

May. 14, 2021

PCBs offer many advantages over traditional wired circuits. Their small, lightweight design lends itself to use in many modern devices, while their reliability and ease of maintenance make them suitable for integration into complex systems. In addition, their low production costs make them an extremely cost-effective option.

These qualities are some of the reasons why PCBs are being used in various industries, including in markets such as


Medical electronics have benefited greatly from the introduction of PCBs. Electronic devices in computers, imaging systems, MRI's and radiation equipment have evolved from the electronic capabilities of PCB's.


The increasingly small thickness of flexible and rigid flexible PCBs allows for the manufacture of more compact, lightweight medical devices such as hearing aids, pacemakers, implantable devices, and truly miniature cameras for minimally invasive procedures. Rigid-flex PCBs are a particularly ideal solution when looking to reduce the size of complex medical devices because they do not require flexible cables and connectors, which take up valuable space in more complex systems.




Rigid, flexible and rigid-flex PCBs are commonly used in the aerospace industry for instrument panels, instrument panels, flight controls, flight management and safety systems. Advances in aerospace technology are growing, so there is a growing need for smaller, more complex PCBs for aircraft, satellites, drones and other aerospace electronics.

Flexible and rigid flex circuits offer excellent durability and mission survivability due to the elimination of connectors. This makes them suitable for high-vibration applications, while their small, lightweight design reduces the overall weight of the device, thereby reducing fuel consumption requirements. For applications where reliability is critical, they can be a highly reliable solution.



In the military, PCBs are used in equipment that is often subjected to strong shocks, impacts and vibrations, such as military vehicles, ruggedized computers, modern weapons and electronic systems (e.g., robotics, guidance and targeting systems). As military technology evolves to meet changing customer needs, more and more equipment incorporating advanced computer technology requires the inherent electrical and mechanical properties of flexible and rigid flexible packaging. These types of electronic packaging can withstand thousands of pounds of gravity without failure.

Commercial and Industrial

The use of PCBs in industrial and commercial electronics has revolutionized all processes from manufacturing to supply chain management, resulting in increased information, automation and efficiency. Often, they are a reliable way to guide equipment in more automated facilities, both to increase productivity and to reduce labor costs. Flexible and rigid flex PCBs enable manufacturers to produce increasingly smaller, lighter products that are more powerful and more reliable, such as drones, cameras, mobile electronics and ruggedized computers.

Printed circuits board supplier offers high quality PCBs

Printed circuit boards enable professionals in a wide range of industries to optimize the performance and production of their electronic systems. By carefully selecting materials and PCB manufacturers, you can create packages for your electronic devices that are optimized for their end applications.


At Printed Circuits, LLC, we are a leading manufacturer of flexible and rigid flex printed circuit boards. We pride ourselves on innovative solutions and regularly upgrade and expand our product range to meet the unique specifications of our customers. Our decades of expertise and dedication to quality make us ideally suited to meet each customer's needs with high quality PCB solutions.

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